Here is the Thickly Tat’d directory for artist in shops from all over. If your looking for your next tattoo idea, or for your next artist then here is where you will find it.

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Almasi Ink

Location: 1118 Euclid Ave ne Atlanta GA
Phone Number: (404)478-0537
Artist Include: Tommy2braids, Joe and more
Instagram: @almasiink @tommytwobraids @joemotion

“I just want to offer quality ink at a good price and prove urban artist are just as great,  if not better than our white counterparts. I hate the stigmata that white artist are better cause their white. I’m gonna make almasi proof of that. As of this moment we are the only five star shop on every search engine in atl which keeps us humble. There are no other artist who claim to or specialize in cover ups because of the challenge, but we here at Almasi do.  I welcome the challenge of doing a cover up that may seem impossible or that might scare a customer because they don’t know how it may come out. The fact is we do cover ups custom designed for our customers so that they leave us happy knowing the scar/tattoo is gone forever and covered with a beautifully executed tattoo that they can be proud of and show off. I like proving everyone wrong when they say it can’t be covered and it turns out looking great. This is art so every piece I do is freehanded so it holds something special to it due to it being one of a kind. We are determined to show value with our work and love the appreciation of our customers. “ Tommy2Braids Tattoos

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New York
Instagram: @dna_ink

Andrew Barrath is a Tattoo Artist  from DNA Ink .A 29 years old who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to New York at the age of 19. Andrew has always been fascinated with tattoos and art. He received his first tattoo at 15 and hasnt stopped since. For 4 years now he has been a professional in this tattoo world.  Andrew and those around him consider him to be a well rounded artist with his favorite and expertise being realism and bio mechanical of tattoos and lets not forgot portraits. As a tattoo artist Andrew takes part in conventions and tattoo events all through out the country. Check out some of his work here on Interested in making an appointment or seeing his portfolio? The best way to accomplish that is to hit him up by email or instagram or dna_ink

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Soloarte Tattoo Shop

Austel, GA (770)203-5057
Owner: Steven

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Edwin Sanchez

Atlanta, Ga & New York (347) 743-1691

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Memphis CC Body Art Tattoo Shop & Removal

Atlanta, GA (901) 218-2338

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Bounce Tattoos

Instagram and Facebook @bouncetatts or
call him at (857) 615-0824.

Thickly Tat’d had the pleasure of sitting down with Boston Tattoo Artist Bounce. We chopped it up about his work, what he enjoys more and a whole lot more. Check out the Interview below. If you have any questions for the man let us know. If you go get some art work done, be sure to let him know Thickly Tat’d sent you!!! Bounce is a Tattoo Artist out of Boston, Ma. He started tattooing at the age of 26, this is also when he received his first tattoo. He enjoys traveling between Boston and New York and other states to showcase his talent. Bounce currently has over 40 tattoos. You know Thickly Tat’d loves a man that is TATTED UP….. His favorite tattoo on his self is the Wu Tang Symbol. Shout out to WU Tang. Bounce got into this game being influenced by artist like Echo who is out of Staten Island and Paul Booth. He used to see Echo as a little boy doing graffiti and tattoos and was intrigued by what he saw. He started looking up to Echo and wanting to follow those steps. Paul booth style is crazy and he does a lot of horror so they caught the attention of bounce as well. The horror and scary themes and the beautiful portraits is what brought on the curiosity. Bounce used to get into trouble, just like most children but he found that drawing calmed him down. Drawing pictures for family and friends whether on the streets or locked down. He had an amazing talent and brought it to life with his Tattoo Art work.

He started off in the game selling his art work to different shops. He first went to Dark Wave and had not the most pleasant experience. It didn’t deter him from the goal he set so he said “I’m just going to DO IT ON MY OWN”. He got with a local artist in Boston named PreMo, where He followed him to tattoo parties and did drawings for him and started to set his mark. Bounce describes his style as graffiti to the heart. He enjoys doing the cartoon characters & tunnel style graffiti and let’s not forget the horror and realistic pieces. We talked about being a tattoo virgin to this world, Bounce knows how to make you as comfortable as possible. He says “once they say they want one they are already pass their mark, you ready, so come on and get it” By keeping it real, letting them know it does hurt but you will be ok. Once you set your mind on getting one you are good. Usually once people experience it, they can’t stop getting them. He states his BEST QUALITY is “outlining” a lot of thick outlining to make your tattoo stand out which is a big thing in graffiti art work. He still working on portraits and being able to get them to perfection, but he is working that out with hard work and practice. Black and gray are his favorite tattoos to do but when a customer lets him free style then he just makes it happen. I asked Bounce, What is the weirdest place he has tattooed? He states “ There is no weird place, everywhere is pretty much on the table for his customers”. What he has seen that may come close is inside the mouth. Like most male tattoo artist, the Male genitals are off the table. Can’t be mad at him for that! In the future his goal is to travel the world with a band or group providing tattoo services. We here at Thickly Tat’d hopes he reaches his goal because he is very talented. Thickly Tat’d wants to Thank Bounce for sitting with us. Remember to check him out if your ever in the area.

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Ink Factory Tattoo Co.

809 Main St Stone Mountain,
GA 30083 (770)885-6313
Mykal Roc, Owner

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Infamous Tattoo

5330 Old National Hwy College Park,
GA 39349 (404) 767-1612
Nitti, Owner

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Emotionz Tattoo

7490 Old National Hwy Riverdale,
GA 30296 (678)369-2828
Sir 7even, Owner

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Khalil a.k.a Tatboi_lil Tattoo

Philadelphia, Pa
Instagram: @tatboi_lil

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